My name is Jim Dalrymple and I write About Town. This blog focuses on cities along Utah’s Wasatch Front. Topics here include urban design, economics, and anything else that seems relevant. However, I’m not an expert; I’m just a guy who reads a lot and thinks cities are both viscerally pleasurable and intellectually stimulating.

By way of background, I have an MA in English from BYU, which I earned by studying rhetoric, landscape and the American West. After earning my degree, I worked as a reporter for two years at the Daily Herald. In December 2012, I accepted a position with the Salt Lake Tribune. I currently cover polygamy, some court issues, breaking news and other topics.

I should mention that this blog is in no way affiliated with my day job and all opinions are my own. I also do not cover topics on this blog that I cover at the newspaper.

I currently live in downtown Salt Lake in a building designed by Allen Millo. It’s a good place to be, as is much of the Wasatch Front generally.

Finally, this blog is a way for me to think critically about cities and my ideas often change. Case in point: while writing Provocation my ideas evolved considerably and on some topics did a complete 180. That is particularly prone to happen when intelligent people leave great comments or otherwise get in touch.

So please challenge these ideas and lets have a critical discussion. But also please remember that I like Utah, Provo and Salt Lake City. If you’re operating from the assumption that these places suck, we may have irreconcilable differences.

If you need to get in touch, I can be reached at james.dalrymple52 at gmail.com.



  1. jacobmschlegel

    Jim – I’ve been following your blog for a while and find it fascinating. In particular, your posts about Provo and Orem intrigue me, as I was born and grew up there.

    I enjoyed your views regarding the Food 4 Less parking lot area, as well as the Provo Towne Center area. I was wondering – do you know why/origin of the building at 207 N 100 W in Provo? I call it the Sears building (I believe that was what it was when I grew up) but I think it is an RC Willey outlet now. To me, this building is hideous and ruined the character of the neighborhood, as there are no windows and it is completely brick – unsure how that style ever came to be in the first place. To me, it tells customers to stay away and has always been an eyesore.

    Thanks, I have some other interesting stories about Provo architecture but that building always bugged me – even I noticed at age 5 it was out of place!


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