Check out this transit-oriented development in Oceanside

During a few days spent in the San Diego area recently I had a chance to ride the Sprinter commuter rail from Escondido to Oceanside. It was a pleasant ride that took just under an hour.

The area around the Escondido station is still very car-centric, but when I arrived in Oceanside I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of new development growing up around the station:



As is apparent from the large parking lot in the foreground, this is still a car town. But it’s also a growing region transit hub. The large yellow building is full of condos on the top floors and retail on the bottom. There were other buildings going up just behind me when I was talking the bottom picture.

The Sprinter is kind of a cross between TRAX and Frontrunner. The line opened in 2008. And while it hasn’t entirely revolutionized this area of north San Diego County, it clearly is having an impact, as these pictures show.


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