Five reasons to support cycling, even if you don’t ride a bike

IMG_3773If you find yourself reading about bikes often, you’ve probably already seen this post from People for Bikes. The post is all about how to persuade people who don’t ride a bike to support more bicycle-friendly cities. Here are the reasons they give:

1. Bicycling infrastructure creates more room on the road for your car.

2. New bicycling infrastructure creates jobs.

3. Well-designed bicycling routes make the road safer for everyone.

4. Encouraging physical activity creatives more productive communities.

5. Cycling infrastructure is less expensive.


People for Bikes explains each one of those points, so click over there to read more.

The great thing about this post is that it points out how cycling in cities is not an us-vs-them issue; it helps everyone regardless of what type of transportation they use.


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