Did you know Salt Lake City has a protected bike lane?

A few weeks ago my editor at the Tribune mentioned that Salt Lake City recently installed a protected bike lane to the right of the street parking. I was surprised; during a recent trip to Vancouver I loved riding in protected bike lanes, but I had no idea we had some along the Wasatch Front. I immediately decided to go check it out.

The bike lane is located on 300 East. It only spans a few blocks — so, probably not enough to actually get many cyclists choosing that route over others — but it’s still a great step in the right direction. Here’s what it looks like:



The bike lane was the result of a grant Salt Lake City received REI. You can read more about it in this article from the Salt Lake Tribune.



  1. Aaron Guile

    If there were a couple of those here in Provo, I wouldn’t have been hit by a truck. Provo/Orem residential streets are wide enough for protected bike lanes. Thanks for this post!

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