Street parking calms stroads

I’ve been in southern Utah lately reporting on a variety of stories for the Tribune (hence the infrequent posts here). Part of that time has been spent in Springdale, a small town just outside of (currently closed) Zion National Park.

The interesting thing about Springdale is the way it uses street parking all along the main drag:


In the picture above, the area along the side of the road is reserved for parked cars. And though Springdale is pretty empty right now due to the government shutdown, that area is usually packed with cars when the nearby park is open.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is both the mainstreet through the town as well as a highway. It is literally and intentionally a stroad.

A lot of little towns in Utah have street parking along their stroadish main streets, but what sets Springdale apart is the amount that parking gets used. In this case, the high usage (which I have experienced on other visits) makes the street fairly cross-able and safer than streets in some other small towns.

The street also is narrower than those in other towns.

Together, these factors produce a surprisingly pleasant pedestrian environment. To be clear, this isn’t Europe or even a walkable East Coast town. But compared to other places in Utah — Coalville, for example — it’s actually quite a bit better.


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