This is what a good street looks like

Happy Labor Day!

I’m actually traveling right now and don’t have time to write a lengthy post, so for now check out this picture of a great street in Portland:


Here’s what I like about this street:

• Outdoor cafe seating that is inviting and well used, and that also doesn’t obstruct pedestrians.

• Bike racks, bike lanes, and bikes. Clearly, this spot is a bike friendly place.

• That jaywalker on the far right. Jaywalking usually means that people feel comfortable and safe stepping out into “traffic.” In other words, it often (but definitely not always) means cars are moving slowly and stopping often. And remember, streets belong to people and “jaywalking” was invented by the the car companies. In the end, it’s more traditional for people and cars to share the road, which is happening here.

• Families. This isn’t just a place for the young or the old. There’s a mix of age ranges, which suggests a city with vitality and diversity.

Ultimately, I wish every street was like this. But in pursuit of that goal, I’d be satisfied if in Salt Lake we just had any streets at all like it.


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