Good (financial) news for downtown SLC

Did you know that Salt Lake City is home to investment bank Goldman Sachs’ fourth largest global office? I did not until I read Paul Beebe’s recent report in the Salt Lake Tribune.

The article reveals that there are 1,775 Goldman employees in Salt Lake, many of whom live and work downtown. The company also plans to grow it’s Utah workforce and may even be planning some new construction:

Lang said many employees live and shop within walking distance of the downtown office. And with the firm planning more growth, there may be a Goldman campus downtown in a couple of years that includes a yet-to-be-constructed building, he said.

As the article points out, Goldman has many detractors. I see the company itself — as well as its strengths and weakness — as beyond the scope of this blog. But as an aficionado and resident of downtown Salt Lake I do like to see more growth and more investment. More people in downtown is always a good thing. And as a result, I’m glad that Goldman has settled in to Utah.


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