The best performing cities are located in Utah

The Milken Institute recently released its 2012 list of best performing metro areas in the US and, unsurprisingly, several Utah cities stood out.

Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City

Most significantly, Salt Lake City retained the number six spot on the list. The report noted that Salt Lake excels due to a high concentration of tech companies. It also boasts a significant medical industry and a growing financial sector, with Goldman Sachs recently adding hundreds of jobs there.

Provo nabbed the next spot on the list. The authors of the report described it as having one of the most “dynamic high tech clusters in the country.” Provo climbed two spots from its ninth place rank in 2011.

Logan also did well and held onto its spot as the best-performing small metro area.

None of this is particularly surprising; Utah cities have been doing well in rankings like these for years, particularly in the wake of the recession.


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