Provo Housing Project Finally Happening

Earlier today my former colleague Billy Hesterman reported that Provo is finally going to get a new mixed use building downtown:

In early June ground will be broken on Center Street, just east of University Avenue, for a mixed-use high rise that will give the tenants stunning views of the mountains or a front-row seat to the Provo City Center LDS Temple.

I blogged about this building last year on Provocation, at which time I praised it for it’s design; it’s not a generic glass tower, nor is it a mediocre copy of an old style.

Provo Buzz also reported on the building and posted some interesting renderings.



  1. Alan Peters

    Decent (sorry Provo Buzz I’m not sure they’re “upscale”) apartments downtown with no new parking? This is probably the best thing to happen downtown in a long time (and a lot of good things have happened recently).

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